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Get products specifically built and designed for baseball pitchers

We’ve created products and protocols that are designed specifically for baseball pitchers. While nothing can replace our in-person group and individual workouts, our products will help you increase velocity, build strength, and increase arm durability while helping you avoid injury.

The NPA has been researching and improving pitcher performance for over 25 years! You can be confident that all of our offerings have been researched, tested and refined to help pitchers make gains safely. We take pride in what we do and it’s why we’re the most trusted source for pitching-related info anywhere!

Get our App. It’s the next best thing to working out with us in person.

Increase your arm strength, reduce your risk of injury, and watch your throwing velocity increase with this baseball-specific conditioning app!

Created by the National Pitching Association in collaboration with the Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute, this app gives baseball athletes an easy-to-follow workout protocol that can be done on a typical field without any equipment.

Coaches: This app provides over 27 exercises you can utilize to warm-up and strengthen your athletes, all in the palm of your hand! A great resource to use prior to practice or when your athletes have down time.

For maximum results, the entire workout should be done 4~5 times per week before proceeding with regular practice or bullpens.
Optimized for the iPhone and iPad. Sorry, this app is not iOS 11 compatible.

Price: $19.99

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