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I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for such a wonderful event that Tom attended in Costa Mesa.  I was very impressed with all of the information that was shared and demonstrated during the weekend.  I really felt that the information was presented in a very adult like manner and the format presented challenged the boys not only mentally but physically too.  I can honestly say that Tom has pitched in 3 games since and will pitch his 4th tomorrow and has really shown a dramatic improvement. His pitching fundamentals have improved and more pitches are strikes or very close to the zone. He has also struck out a minimum of between 6-9 batters within 4-6 innings pitched.  He also gets up in the morning better for school, shows a desire and demonstrates better eating habits and is doing the exercises and drills that you taught to put his body back into shape after pitching. He has really shown tremendous improvement with all areas of his life and I feel that your program was presented in a very adult like way that didn’t talk down to these kids but challenged them to think and consider what is really going to help them get to the next level whatever that may be for each of them. I am so pleased to have spent the time with you all, I learned a bunch myself and at times had to think a bit to realize what was being presented myself.  A very well rounded program that is so worth the money and time I can’t say enough. Look forward to re-visiting again! 

Russ Love

Father, Pitching Camp participant