NPA West Elite 3-Day Clinic


Get 3 full days of the most elite pitching instruction from the best pitching teachers in the country!
You’ll get individual bullpen instruction to better mechanics, throw harder and increase strength. Learn ways to avoid injuries, which is one of the most important aspects of staying in the game, as well as learn a mental approach that will keep you confident.  You’ll go home with a workout template so you can continue to get stronger on your own and you’ll also learn about how an athlete’s diet affects performance and recovery.

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Come get your mechanics evaluated so that you can become a more efficient thrower. Our goal is to get you throwing so that you’ll be more consistent, increase command, avoid injury, and add velocity naturally. We have refined our teaching protocols over 30+ years so that we can communicate and show each athlete how to throw more effectively and consistently. We will also give tips on how to throw harder through better mechanics.

You will throw bullpens to reinforce any changes to your delivery identified in our assessments.

Each day you will be put through warm-up strength and conditioning protocols that will prepare you to throw and give each athlete an understanding of what is required to stay in top physical condition to pitch.

During the clinic you will:

  • Be assessed for mechanical efficiency or deficiencies
  • Go through daily strength & conditioning workouts
  • Throw supervised bullpens to work on your mechanics
  • Be tested for your current velocity potential
  • Learn about biomechanics and strength & conditioning so you will better understand how to maintain a healthy arm and body
  • Learn how diet affects performance and recovery
  • Learn how to keep a Positive Mindset on the field
  • And much, much more!

The NPA West and RAC Performance are experts at developing rotational strength, overload/underload training, shoulder and elbow strengthening, speed and explosive power training, all of which contribute to efficient deliveries and higher velocities. Our protocols led the revolution in today’s weighted implement training and are the safest available.

Ages 14 and above

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December 17 – 19 Los Angeles