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Get products specifically built and designed for baseball pitchers

We’ve created products and protocols that are designed specifically for baseball pitchers. While nothing can replace our in-person group and individual workouts, our products will help you increase velocity, build strength, and increase arm durability while helping you avoid injury.

The NPA has been researching and improving pitcher performance for over 25 years! You can be confident that all of our offerings have been researched, tested and refined to help pitchers make gains safely. We take pride in what we do and it’s why we’re the most trusted source for pitching-related info anywhere!.

Velocity Bat Set

These weighted bats help develop optimal hip and shoulder separation and increase shoulder rotational speed. Both are crucial to helping INCREASE THROWING VELOCITY without adding stress to the arm. For position players, these bats also INCREASE BAT SPEED and exit velocity dramatically! For more detailed information visit our partner site VelocityBat.com. Add the bats to your workout program and within weeks you will be throwing harder and increasing your bat speed!


Our Youth Starter Program is an arm and shoulder durability routine to keep kids healthy while they mature through little league and travel ball. We use weighted balls in a very safe and tested manner that helps prevent kids from getting sore arms or worse. Unlike the standard weighted ball programs where kids are throwing weighted balls inappropriately, our program takes into consideration the developmental stage that youths are in and focuses on arm durability that will manifest itself into a stronger arm and more velocity as they mature physically.


This is what started it all! The current overload/underload phenomenon to increase velocity started with this program originally developed at the NPA (National Pitching Association).


Want to increase Velocity safely? This is the most comprehensive velocity, shoulder care and joint integrity program that you can get without working with us in person. This is NOT A COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAM. This workout adapts to you as you increase your velocity and innings totals.


Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun

  • We recommend keeping track of your weighted ball progress with this Pocket Radar
  • Visible progress builds trust and confidence in training programs, which leads to higher motivation
  • Powerful features include automatic hands-free Constant-On Mode, easy automatic triggering (simply hold button down and release) and built-in memory with the previous 25 speeds (keep track and review)
  • Automatically finds the fastest speed of a ball for baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey and cricket

Available on Amazon.com.

Swing Speed Radar kit image

Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

If you’d like to track your bat speed progress, we recommend getting the Blast Motion Swing Analyzer sensor. We’ve noticed that athletes get the best results when they can see and measure their results.

The newest version of this easy-to-use sensor attaches to your bat and measures your bat speed when doing dry swings. This allows you to monitor your progress while training with the Velocity Bats. We utilize the Blast Motion Swing Analyzer with the Velocity Bats to get the most accurate swing speed results.

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Swing Speed Radar kit image

Swing Speed Radar

Another simple way to track your bat speed progress is to purchase the Swing Speed Radar. This easy-to-use device measures your actual bat speed so you can monitor your progress while training with the Velocity Bats. When we train our athletes with the Velocity Bats we utilize the Swing Speed Radar for group settings. You get to see the results right in front of you. And athletes get the best results when they can see and measure their swing velocities.

Available on Amazon.com.

NPA West Velocity kit weighted balls

NPA Velocity Balls and Ergo Grip Elastic Cords


To purchase an a la carte set of weighted balls or elastic cords, please visit nationalpitching.com.

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