NPA Elite Pitching Clinics

TRANSFORM YOUR PITCHING to a completely new level!

Attend one of our 3-Day Clinics and get the same training that our pros have access to!

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In just a few days add VELOCITY, fix your MECHANICS, improve COMMAND, build STRENGTH and throw without pain

Get over 18 hours of the most elite instruction from the best pitching teachers in the country! You’ll get individual instruction to better your mechanics, improve your strength and throw harder. And each athlete gets one-on-one bullpen sessions with the coaches. Each pitcher will also receive a personal set of weighted balls, a set of our patented elastic cords, and a take-home program on how best to utilize them for long-term strength, velocity and durability.


Upcoming Dates: 

June 21 – 23, 2024 in Dallas Ft. Worth – National Pitching DFW (new location!)

June 28 – 30, 2024 in Los Angeles – El Camino College

Ages: 14 and above  

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  • Daily pitching instruction, drills, and one-on-one mound time
  • A set of weighted velocity balls and training towel with protocols for maximum results.
  • One-on-one attention from the NPA Coaches – the ones the pros use!
  • Small group setting where you will learn from other players
  • Details on what good mechanics actually look like and we instruct how to achieve them
  • Velocity training and how best to make a jump in velocity without risking elbow or shoulder injury
  • Strength and conditioning workouts that are baseball-specific. Learn what lifts to do and what common lifts lead to injury!
  • Information on college recruiting and pro scouting
  • Information on the proper diet guidelines so you can optimize your body’s recovery
  • Learn how to keep a positive mindset – a skill that can be learned!
  • Take-home workout protocols that will help you further develop in the months and years ahead

We have attended other camps and training facilities, but this was THE BEST three days of baseball instruction Billy has ever had. His arm seems to always feel good and recover quickly, all while slowly and steadily increasing velocity in a sustainable manner.”
– Will F. (father of HS pitcher)

The window of opportunity is very short. Get the best instruction you possibly can now!  Don’t regret thinking, “I should’ve done this…” or “I should’ve done that…” 

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More about our 3-Day Elite Clinics:

We cover a lot of ground in our 3-day clinics. From Biomechanics, strength training, arm care, nutrition, rest and proper nutrition, you will come out of these sessions with a ton of information and how to use it that will set you firmly on the path to becoming the pitcher you’ve dreamed of being. And the one that batters dread.

Biomechanics, Individual Testing
  • Intro to Biomechanics
  • Warm-up / Loosen-up
  • Individual Testing
  • Current Velocity Capacity Screen
  • Full body programming
  • Velocity training protocols
  • Drills
  • Bullpen sessions
  • Mechanics evaluations & corrections
  • Movement efficiency assessments

Strength Training, Performance & Recovery
  • Baseball Specific Strength Training Foundations
  • Nutritional Guidelines for Optimal Performance & Recovery
  • Testing & FMS Results
  • Warm-up / Loosen-up
  • Flat Ground throwing
  • Drills
  • Strength Training
  • Arm Care & joint integrity
  • Velocity training protocols

Positive Mindset, Pitching Strategies & Tactics
  • Positive Mindset Management
  • Pitching Strategies and tactics
  • Warm-up / Loosen-up
  • Drills
  • Strength Training
  • Full Body programming
  • Velocity training protocols
  • Bullpen Sessions
  • Reinforce efficient mechanics
  • Evaluate secondary pitches
  • Wrap-up session with each athlete
NPA 3-Day Elite Clinics

Held throughout the U.S.

I can’t even describe the impact you have had on my son Drew from just one clinic. He has so much more motivation to become the best pitcher he can be. He has a deeper understanding of the mechanics of pitching, a stronger mentality on the mound, and is more tuned in to the role he has on the mound.

Of course I wish I would have found the NPA West years ago for Drew! It’s been frustrating because most workout programs are not designed for the pitcher (maybe even hindering him), private pitching instructors only do so much, and his high school program does not work the pitchers. After your clinic, Drew attended a college baseball camp and was so proud that he did so great (3 IP, 15 Batters, 5 SO). Drew is looking forward to working out with you again!.

~ Caroline D.


NPA Area Director & Master Instructor


A former collegiate-level player, Charlie is an NPA Master Instructor and has been actively coaching for over 20 years, levels spanning Little League through pro ball. 

More about Charlie Nootbaar

Having been the lead biomechanist for the NPA, he is passionate about research and science, and leads the team when doing their 3D motion captures. He heads projects designed to improve the health, durability, and performance of pitchers and has invented products that do just that. He takes great pride in educating athletes with the most up-to-date information to make them better pitchers, and prides himself on being able to communicate that information in a simple way each athlete can fully understand and implement. Charlie has successful baseball players of his own. Both of his sons were drafted by MLB teams after successful years playing Division 1 baseball in the PAC12 conference. One is currently playing in the big leagues.

NPA Regional Director & Master Instructor


Eric is an Associate Scout with the Atlanta Braves and has been coaching and teaching baseball for over 25 years. His passion is teaching the details so that players will improve and appreciate the game to its fullest.

More about Eric Ruben

Eric has helped develop and assist over 130 players play in college and over 20 MLB draft picks. He has coached at the high school level including the Georgia 5A state champions. He joined the NPA over 10 years ago and has been instrumental in developing and identifying pitchers that strive to play both collegiately and in the pros. He has served as technical baseball consultant on 3 major feature films: Parental Guidance (2012), Trouble with The Curve (2012), and Blended (2013). He was also technical consultant on the USA Network show “Necessary Roughness”, and is currently the on-set technical advisor for the TV series “All American Homecoming” which began airing in 2022.

“Having worked with Charlie and his staff for many years, I can attest that you are getting the best instruction available. As a pitching evaluator for the Angels, I look for the exact things they teach when I evaluate for potential draft picks and trade acquisitions.”

~ Jordan Oseguera L.A. Angels Minor League Pitching Coach


• Jun 21-23 Dallas

• Jun 28-30 Los Angeles

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You’ll receive a Velocity Kit set of weighted balls and our patented elastic cords to take home for use after the clinic finishes.

Get ready to become the pitcher every batter fears!


The Velocity Kit

Our best-selling Velocity Kit is one of our foundational products. Part of our Velocity Program, it helps you increase arm speed as safely as currently possible. We will guide you through the weighted ball protocol that also builds arm durability to help keep you injury free throughout the season.

“What you guys are doing for young men is remarkable. You have such knowledge and ability to translate the technical aspects of the game, and the material is so practical. It’s really remarkable the craft you have honed… Andy is working hard and if he keeps this up (he doesn’t know it yet) but I am going to bring him back for a few days in late summer. Thanks so much for doing what you do, and especially for the way you do it.”
~ Bob Bean Father of high school pitcher


Pitching Assessments & Velocity Training

Each athlete will be evaluated on the mound for their throwing efficiency. You’ll also receive a set of weighted baseballs and be guided through the NPA Velocity Program. This is what started it all! The current overload/underload phenomenon to increase velocity started with this weighted ball program. As Directors at the NPA, we worked on the research and development of this program to create THE SAFEST velocity improvement program in the world. Learn what you need to work on to be more efficient, stay healthy and add velocity.

Pitching Strategies for Success

What is the most important pitch? When should you throw your curveball? How do you disrupt the timing of a hitter when all you have working is a fastball. There are lots of ways to get guys out without needing “nasty stuff” and we’ll give you the pitching strategies to do so.

Mechanics Corrections

Simple adjustments will be made to enhance efficiency in throwing mechanics so that you can command the zone better without compromising potential injury risks. Our decades of experience collecting data using 3D motion capture systems has educated us on how to identify the most common mechanical problems and how to correct them. We’ll also look at off-speed pitches to make sure they’re being thrown correctly, or if adjustments need to be made for better results. Data on spin rate and velocity will also be taken.

Positive Mindset Management for Success

The biggest killer to an athlete’s success comes not on the field, but between the ears. We’ll delve into what goes on inside the athlete’s mind and how to avoid the mental traps that can keep you from being the best that you can possibly be. Here’s a hint: you “play” baseball, you don’t “work” baseball.

Strength Training Guidance

Improve performance not only on the mound, but in the field and at the plate! We’ll show the most appropriate way to add strength specific to baseball that will get you the same benefits as heavy lifting, without the risks. We will also introduce proper weighted ball usage for arm durability and velocity increases.

Nutrition and Sleep Guidance

One of the least talked about subjects, yet extremely vital to recovery and feeling good each time you’re on the mound, is nutrition. Learn the fundamentals of proper nutrition, what and when to eat, and why good quality sleep matters and needs to be a part of the formula.


In the decades that the NPA has been around, we have combined scientific research with practical application (and yes, lots of trial and error) to find the best ways to make each pitcher the best they can be. Not everyone throws the same, but there are fundamentals that need to be followed to be efficient and durable, while respecting the uniqueness of each pitcher.

Our mission is to help each athlete that walks through our door be better when they leave than when they arrived. We literally work with pitchers every single day at our facility helping them improve, and thus have learned countless ways to help different types of pitchers improve their performance. This is what we do, and have been doing it for a long time


We know you have questions. We’ve got answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us.

How many players are typically in a clinic?
These clinics are VERY limited. We only accept the first 20 sign-ups… Why do we keep it so small?  We want each athlete to be able to get hands-on time with the coaches. In a nutshell, we take pride in what we do. This is NOT a cattle call clinic. Every pitcher will leave knowing they received individual attention.
Do you provide lunch?
No. However, there is ample time to leave the facility to get lunch. In the past, participants have brought a Subway sandwich with them, or something similar.  We can also give you ideas on places nearby that are available.
What should I wear and bring?
Each athlete will go through a workout before throwing, so wear standard workout gear (shorts OK) with gym shoes. You will also need your cleats, glove and some water. Each athlete will sweat quite a bit so plan clothes accordingly depending on the length of your time here.
Where should we stay?
We suggest doing your own research on places to stay since everyone has different budgets and requirements. There are no hotels walking distance to the facility. If you have any questions about a particular hotel, feel free to check with us.
Do you provide transportation to/from the facility?
No. You’ll need to make your own arrangements for transportation to and from the facility. There is adequate street parking around the facility.
“Fantastic pitching & experience for my son Adam. They have taught him about nutrition, commitment, strength & conditioning, mound composure & situational approach. The most important value is proper technique & eliminating & avoiding injuries. Adam started here throwing 65mph & is currently @ 83/84 mph. Last season he made Orange County 1st Team Honorable Mention & Pitcher of the Year.”
~ Joe Auriemma, father of pitcher

Transform your pitching in just THREE DAYS.

We’ve helped college players get noticed by scouts and signed to major league teams. We’ve helped the best MLB pitchers stay on top and stay in the game longer.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, we’re ready for you.

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