Summer Program

What should I wear and bring?

Each athlete will go through a workout before throwing, so wear standard workout gear (shorts OK) with gym shoes. You will also need your cleats, glove and some water.  Each athlete will sweat quite a bit so plan clothes accordingly depending on the length of your time here.

How often do the Summer sessions meet?

Each morning Mon – Fri from 10:00am – 1:00pm

Why only 3 hours per day?

We’ve learned that to get the most out of each athlete, it is best to concentrate the training and learning in the morning so they can have the afternoon to rest and recover.  Athletes that were coming back in the afternoon were not properly rested the following day and their progress was slower.  Our decades of experience have led us to “train smarter, not harder” to get the best results.  Proper recovery is paramount to progress. By getting good quality reps in the morning the brain retains it much better than mindless repetition throughout the day and research studies back this up.

Also, being in southern California, it allows the athletes to really enjoy what there is to offer nearby: beaches, mountains, deserts, Angels, Dodgers, Hollywood, etc.  Athletes have a much broader experience and train with more effort and enthusiasm when we provide this “down time.”

How do you improve velocity in 6-weeks?

We do it in three ways: 1) Mechanics – by making some small adjustments in throwing mechanics we can increase the efficiency in which athletes throw and reduce the likelihood of injury.  We have seen patterns in mechanics that lead to injury and have learned to make adjustments to eliminate those fairly easily.  2) Functional Strength – by putting each athlete through daily strength and conditioning protocols we increase their throwing velocity naturally by drawing it out via increases in full body strength. 3) Velocity Program – As originators of weighted ball protocols for velocity gains, we know how to increase arm speed safely.  We do it with our time tested protocols that increase arm and shoulder durability which results in velocity gains…  Any one of these three factors can increase velocity independently, but by applying all three we do it in the most efficient and safest manner currently possible.

Where should we stay while training?

We suggest doing your own research on places to stay since everyone has different budgets and requirements.  Disneyland is about 8 miles north and Newport Beach is about 11 miles south. Most our athletes and families like to stay close to either one… We also have relationships with a local university that can sometimes house athletes in their dorms fairly cheaply. If you’d like to look into this option let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the residence director.  AirBnB is an option that some have used as well… There are no hotels walking distance to the facility that we can recommend. Before making arrangements in the immediate area surrounding the facility please check with us first. Our facility is in an industrial area and not necessarily family friendly.

Do you provide transportation to/from the facility?

No.  You’ll need to make your own arrangements for transportation to and from the facility.  We DO have adequate parking at our facility in an enclosed lot.